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Davey Street Partners, LLC was founded by Steven A. Siegel in 2010 as an opportunistic real estate investment, development and finance company. The firm also provides real estate advisory services to property owners and developers throughout the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

Leveraging the experience, relationships and entrepreneurial approach of its founder, the firm identifies unique investment, finance and business opportunities and builds teams and strategic partnerships to execute them.

Company strengths include envisioning, managing and executing complex development projects and transactions while acting in a variety of capacities including principal, joint venture partner, owner representative and advisor.

Davey Street Partners has specialized expertise in negotiating, structuring and entitling complex, public-private real estate transactions and navigating the most challenging political landscapes and market conditions to entitle, finance and execute them.

The combination of vision, entrepreneurial drive, strong public and private sector relationships and experience positions Davey Street Partners as an asset in any business venture and development opportunity.